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Here is our advice for things to consider before purchasing:

  • They can be quite messy to clean so consider the later models with removable hot plates. Non-stick plates are expected now.
  • Size is important, some are designed for one sandwich. Not ideal if you have a family of four to feed, but you can get much bigger sizes and even deep dishes for larger deep fill toasties.
  • A timer of warning light will stop you burning your carefully constructed toasted sandwich.
  • Like all things buying the best quality goods ultimately means they last longer. This is also true about sandwich makers the better ones tend to be bigger toast better and require less maintanance.
  • If you suffer from anything like strain or arthritis you should be aware that a small sandwich maker can be awkward to close, depending on the amount of ingredients and size and thickness of the bread. Consider a sandwich press.

Waring WOSM1U Deep Fill Toasted Sandwich Maker

Waring wosm1u Sandwich Machine
This Waring WOSM1U sandwich maker remains one of the most popular toastie machines in the UK. It differs from other machines in that it been designed with the deep filled toasted sandwich in mind, allowing you to overstuff your sandwich with lots of tasty ingredients. The appliance is 4 slice unit meaning you can make two delicious toasties in a matter of minutes. The deep trays allow you to experiment with many different ingredients. Ever considered cracking an egg into your toastie? This machine makes messy ingredients easier to work with, the unit also allows you to control the temperature of the toasting and the anti-spill design keeps burning and mess to a minimum. Leaving you to experiment with Toasties to your stomach’s content! The Waring WOSM1U is a quality kitchen appliance, it is energy efficient with an A rating, it has removable plates which allow for very easy cleaning in the sink or dishwasher. If this isn’t enough for you Waring are so confident in their product that they offer a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

Breville VST004 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster Review

Breville is a leading brand for small kitchen appliances. They are so successful that the name is synonymous to sandwich toasters and toasted sandwich machines. We have reviewed the Breville VST004 Sandwich toaster as its one of the most popular models on the market and so you can make your mind up whether this is machine for you.

This 2-slice toastie maker weighs in at 2.31 kg and measures 22.5 x 27.5 x 11cm. It’s ideal for home and office kitchen use. This Breville is easy to clean, neat, and can easily be stored without getting scratched.

A common concern for toastie lovers is that the sandwich ingredients will spill out the sides whilst cooking. This is caused by machine having shallow trays, which tend to limit the amount of filling you can put in your sandwich. In the VST004 this does not happen. Some reviews have commented that this unit has shallow trays, which can limit you if you want make adventurous sandwich. Large items like eggs, sausages or meatballs might not allow you to seal the machine. The unit is quite flat so it’s really suited for the usual ham and cheese toasties.

Some users say the plastic “clips” that hold the plates on can burn easily so be careful!  Some say the automatic cutting feature does not work as promised. Although there are marked lines, this Breville will not slice the sandwich for you. You have to cut your sandwich to fit on the tray areas.

Some users realized that the outside part of this sandwich toaster easily gets messy, and certain parts become oily and clogged up with bread crumbs, so cleaning it is a bit tricky particularly the round back part. On the other hand, the removable plates, cool touch handle and the non slip feet make this sandwich toaster easy to clean, and safe to use.

Priced at around £26, you will not regret owning one, although the downsides slightly overshadowed the good points, overall, you’ll get that perfect toasted sandwich.

Some of the great features of this 2 Slice Sandwich toaster:

  • Removable dishwasher safe plates
  • Non-stick plates
  • Cut & seal system
  • Stands upright for storage
  • Cord wrap and non slip feet

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Best Selling Toastie Makers

Here are the best selling Toastie Makers and Sandwich Makers in the UK today. Click any sandwich maker below to get more details on the products.

Spongebob toastie maker

The unique Spongebob Squarepants sandwich maker is a big hit in the kitchen. Kids love the emblazoned image of Mr Sponge Bob Squarepants on the side of their toasted sandwich.

After much searching we tracked down only one UK retailer (John Lewis) who are selling this fabulous product,  at the time of writing it was available to buy at £16.95 with free standard delivery (obviously this price may fluctuate). Click here to see if its available now. UPDATE NO LONGER IN STOCK.

You can try amazon

Spongebob_toastie_sandwich _maker

Diablo Sandwich Maker

Diablo Toaster

Diablo Toaster

This unique sandwich maker harks back to the early days of toasting on an open fire. The Diablo toastie maker is designed to be cooked over a roaring gas fire or more likely a stove. It does however work on electric hobs and even ceramic. Great for making those deep filled sarnies, or even pizza calzones! To make a Diablo toastie just place your bread in the pan add the ingredients whatever you fancy close and heat. Once finished open the lid and you’ll see the Diablo logo toasted onto your sandwich, a nice touch!

Here are the features.

  • Titanium coated, hob and campfire sandwich toaster, deep filled plates.
  • Heat protection – Plastic handles
  • Loads of recipes included to get you started.
  • Size: 36cm in length x 10.5cm width x 3.5cm deep

We have included links from UK retailers for you to browse for the cheapest Diablo Toaster today! Won’t be long before you can enjoy your own Diablo sandwich!

Order Diablo from Amazon
Order the Diablo Sandwich Toaster from I Want One Of Those
Find more information on different types of toastie makers

Buy Sandwich Makers online

We have researched the market for you and found the UK major suppliers and stockists of Toastie and Sandwich Makers.

Are you looking for the Cheapest sandwich maker?  Then we recommend the great range at Amazon with free delivery over £5. You can also find a bargain at John Lewis, Argos, Robert Dyas, Pixmania, Coop electrical.

The box below shows live prices from UK retailors offering toasted sandwich makers. The cheapest appears to be the Breville TR46 Easy Clean Sandwich Toaster. A close second is the Russell Hobbs 14607 Sandwich Maker with Non-stick plates.

Are you looking for a sandwich maker for kids? We recommend the Dora the Explorer sandwich maker or the Spongebob Squarepants Toastie maker made by Princess. The best part of these great machines is that they imprint an image onto the toast to keep the little ones amused. They fit two slices of bread to make one toasty.

For the high quality and higher priced sandwich makers we recommend the Brevilles or the Cuisinart GRSM1U.

Peppies, Waffle maker, 700 W Tristar

Peppies, Waffle maker, 700 W Tristar


"Peppies" Waffles taste delicious with coffee, dessert, ice cream, chocolate fondue, as cake lollipops for the little ones - covered with chocolate, coconut or glaze. Surprise your friends, family & guests with creative variations of delicious waffle sticks. Features: * Makes 6 sticks at a time (each 10 x 3,5 cm) * LED temperature light * Tristar WF2116 approval * Non-stick coating * Easy to clean * Measurements: 24 x 24 x 10.5 cm * 700 watt More

Breville Toastie Maker Review

We have just tested the new Breville Sandwich Toaster we are extremely pleased with the results.

Breville TR40 Sandwich Maker

First off it looks great in my kitchen, some of the others can look a little plastic

It takes about five minutes to heat up, there is no locking mechanism so no fiddly clamp to seal the edges. It doesn’t seal the bread so you may need to be careful if you fill it with lots of ingredients.

The toasting grills are really good and heat the bread evenly. It took approximately 6 minutes to toast our cheese and tomato sandwich which tastes  absolutely delicious. We think this has something to do with the air being able to reach the ingredients, but we are not scientists.

The price is quite expensive but we feel it worth it for a Breville. You can only really fit two sandwich on at once, so if you have many mouths to feed, I wouldn’t go for this one. However we are going to use this to make other types of paninis and toasted bagets in the next week so it pretty versatile. Its looks just like the sandwich grills you see in coffee shops and tastes better as its much cleaner! Only thing is you have to make the sandwich yourself. we bought our from Amazon as delivery was free. Take a look here it might be still in stock, tr40 sandwich maker.

Breville Toastie TR40

Breville Toastie TR40

For more Breville Sandwich makers take a look at

Guide to the Sandwich Maker

The modern date Sandwich maker was invented in the 1970s by John O’Brian. His company Brevillle adopted the inspiration from early Jaffles a Belguim implement for toasting over a fire or stove. The early days of toasted sandwich were very messy as the early machines could seal the sandwich and stop the extremely hot ingredients breaking in the hands of the diner. John patented the design to seal the edges resulting in the product you see today. A typical sandwich maker consists of two hot plates powered by an electrical coil. The modern design has stayed more or less true to the original models. With the addition of thermometer dials, lights to show the unit is hot enough and more lately deeper filled trays to allow more geneorous portions in the sandwichs.

Sandwich toaster

Sandwich toaster

Toastie Makers Prices Compared

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